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Blue Flame Stoker™ is a turnkey provider of alternative energy solutions, thermal and CHP. Our company combines its knowledge of, an experienced combustion, control and design engineering staff and proven equipment to provide reliable, efficient, and economical alternative energy systems. Our core technology is based on proven chain grate stoker design.

Blue Flame Stoker™ offers alternative fuel heating systems for commercial, agricultural and institutional applications. Our systems save business owners money by replacing high price fossil fuels with low cost alternative fuel. Our systems can stand alone or be integrated with an existing central heating system to provide space heating and process hot water or steam.

These hot water and steam systems are highly efficient, produce little smoke, and emit very low levels of particulate matter emissions. When properly operated and maintained, they meet all current emission standards for biomass boilers.

Since inception, in 1998, our company has committed to provide a boiler based plant, fueled by biomass fuels, that operates as reliably and automatically as do the some of the fossil fueled, packaged boilers, that industry is accustomed to using.

Our solid fuel combustion equipment has serviced North American customers for over 12 years with our products installed in many states and provinces throughout the North America. With over 120 of installations, our experience with reliable use of biomass fuels is extensive, and we continue to be the experts in the manufacture and deployment of these systems.
The Blue Flame Stoker™ solid fuel combustion systems have been proven on variety of biomass materials such as straws, wood pellets, wood chips, sun flower hulls, oat hulls, turkey litter, flax shive, etc.